Cairo Sustainable Energy Week

Turning Vision into Action

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Conference hall

GHS Conference

The Cairo sustainable energy conference provides a space for dialogues and discussions on the current energy landscape. Topics span robust energy systems, resource management, sustainable infrastructure, energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies and widespread adoption of renewable energy in the MENA region.

Our Hydrogen Horizon

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Conference hall

*Event themes are subject to change


  • Global Deployment Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies
  • Building the Hydrogen Economy: Market Development Strategies
  • Low-Carbon Hydrogen: Policies and Standards for Sustainable Production
  • Green vs. Blue Hydrogen: A Dual-Track Approach for Decarbonization
  • Advancements in Hydrogen Production Technologies and Innovation
  • Ensuring Hydrogen Bankability: Financial Instruments and Funding Mechanisms
  • Hydrogen Corridors: Facilitating Cross-Border Trade and Partnerships
  • Certification Schemes for Green Hydrogen: Ensuring Quality and Transparency
  • Beyond Hydrogen: Exploring Ammonia and Methanol as Hydrogen Derivatives
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Hydrogen: Ensuring Safety and Compliance
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