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*Event themes are subject to change


  • Navigating Policies and Regulations for Clean Energy
  • Exploring Next-Gen Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Green finance: challenges and opportunities
  • Harnessing the Circular Economy for Sustainable Energy Solutions /li>
  • Tackling Energy-Water Nexus Challenges in the MENA Region
  • Harmonizing Nature and Power: Biodiversity in Sustainable Energy Practices
  • The Future of Transportation: E-Mobility
  • Sustainable Solutions for Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Fostering Regional and International Cooperation for Sustainable Energy
  • Startups and Innovation: Driving the Future of Clean Energy
  • Public – Private partnership and investments challenges
  • Powering Africa: Electrification and Grid Interconnection Opportunities
  • Energizing Innovation: AI and Digitalization in the Energy Transition
  • Advancing Energy-Efficiency in Building, Transportation, industry
  • Grid Modernization and Smart Energy Systems Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Cutting-Edge Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Critical Minerals: Powering the Renewable Energy Revolution
  • Financial Perspectives on Integrating Renewable Energy into the Grid
  • Revolutionizing Power: Smart Grids and Net-Metering
  • Innovations in Long-Distance Transmission

*Event themes are subject to change


  • Global Deployment Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies
  • Building the Hydrogen Economy: Market Development Strategies
  • Low-Carbon Hydrogen: Policies and Standards for Sustainable Production
  • Green vs. Blue Hydrogen: A Dual-Track Approach for Decarbonization
  • Advancements in Hydrogen Production Technologies and Innovation
  • Ensuring Hydrogen Bankability: Financial Instruments and Funding Mechanisms
  • Hydrogen Corridors: Facilitating Cross-Border Trade and Partnerships
  • Certification Schemes for Green Hydrogen: Ensuring Quality and Transparency
  • Beyond Hydrogen: Exploring Ammonia and Methanol as Hydrogen Derivatives
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Hydrogen: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

*Event themes are subject to change


  • Decarbonizing Hard-to- Abate Industries
  • Enhancing Regional and International Cooperation for Climate Action
  • Catalyzing Carbon Markets and Investments
  • Carbon Verification and Monitoring: Ensuring Accuracy and Transparency
  • CO₂ Storage for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Mineralization and Durable Removal Technologies
  • Driving Regional Climate Action: Nationally Determined Contributions in the MENA Region
  • Navigating the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Implications and Strategies
  • Low-Carbon Steel and Cement Production
  • Scaling CCUS at Speed: Technologies and Best Practices
  • Carbon Accounting and Crediting: Best Practices and Standards
  • Financing the Future: Climate Finance Insights Ahead of COP 29
  • Driving Regional Climate Action: Nationally Determined Contributions in the MENA Region